giovedì 16 gennaio 2014

OpenSourceDay 2013

Probably almost all of you didn't know about an Italian event called OpenSourceDay. It's organized and set up by a small group of university students that share the passion for Computer Science and hacking. Yeah, I'm part of it, and I went there representing KDE and it's spirit, along with the Qt framework.

The event was quite a success with around 1100 visitors. Many of them also stopped at our booth primarily asking what KDE was. I was pretty surprised that while there was a good percentage of people that alread knew (and used) KDE, there was also an other good part who believed Ubuntu/Unity was the only desktop environment for open source OSes.
Despite from that I had a good response with people appreciating in particular Plasma's design, usability and responsiveness. I had to write instructions on how to install it on various distributions for more than one person. So I'm also here to say: good job mates!

If you have time/interest, we're usually holding the event on the last week of November every year. And everyone is invited of course. Here are some photos of the event.

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