mercoledì 2 luglio 2014

Gluon Project Update

Hey KDE people! I'm Claudio and, again, I'm the only student doing GSoC and improving Gluon Project. This does mean there's a lot to do but often this translates in a lot of fun.

My project basically consists in mantaining the Gluon Player and all the distribution service in general from the server to player library that handles OCS requests to the actual QML client. This meant in porting the Qt4 player to Qt5, which led to a partial rewrite and rearchitecturing After the porting I started implementing "friends" features. This means that YOU, with a Gluon account, can ask an other Gluon user for friendship and he can accept. This is the basis of the social features we're introducing.

Oh and did you know we have a working partial and opensource implementation of the OCS protocol? I really care that you know this because when I started writing it, there was no open server-side implementation and I had to start writing it. As for now, the server supports CONTENT, PERSON, FRIEND, FAN, COMMENT and CONFIG with some calls not exaclty following the standard (nested comments feature missing). And this server also is tested with our beloved libAttica. I'll publish the source as soon as I can in a personal scratch repo for now, but I'd like to move it in the KDE infrastructure (admins?).
Ah, and I'll spend the next time of my project implementing a xmpp-based realtime chat between users. And also activity streams and other social features.

What is really missing to Gluon then?
Unfortunately I'm just focusing on distribution and user parts, but being Gluon a platform for creating, playing and deploying games, also Creator and Engine needs attention, care and most of all port to Qt5. Our idea would be to give you a usable release (oh, I really want to do my Gluon Konqui game). In order to get this possible please donate to the Randa Meeting, where gluon developers will meet :)

See you in days!

giovedì 16 gennaio 2014

OpenSourceDay 2013

Probably almost all of you didn't know about an Italian event called OpenSourceDay. It's organized and set up by a small group of university students that share the passion for Computer Science and hacking. Yeah, I'm part of it, and I went there representing KDE and it's spirit, along with the Qt framework.

The event was quite a success with around 1100 visitors. Many of them also stopped at our booth primarily asking what KDE was. I was pretty surprised that while there was a good percentage of people that alread knew (and used) KDE, there was also an other good part who believed Ubuntu/Unity was the only desktop environment for open source OSes.
Despite from that I had a good response with people appreciating in particular Plasma's design, usability and responsiveness. I had to write instructions on how to install it on various distributions for more than one person. So I'm also here to say: good job mates!

If you have time/interest, we're usually holding the event on the last week of November every year. And everyone is invited of course. Here are some photos of the event.